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18th Prince Autumn Cup

Anniversary tournament – 20 years Wesselbleker Prinzen

The “FITTE DRITTE” and the “UHC KEILER” win the Autumn Cup 2018 – congratulations!

Also in 2018, at least one trophy goes to Kiel, the men’s trophy secure the UHC Keiler against the Ravens from Kiel for the first time. The day summarized in some keywords:

*** 18 good-mooded teams (14 men’s and 4 women’s teams) gather for the anniversary tournament *** Danish guests from Odense enrich the field of participants *** 5 hours of intensive small field hockey on 4 fields *** as ordered throughout sunny early autumn weather with relaxed breaks on the terrace *** Bielefelder guest “Jochen” leads the Allstars “SGeMixed” *** committed youthful referees – led by referee Prince Klaus – lead the games in a sovereign manner *** oval beer meter for all teams is used extensively *** Women’s teams prefer to drink wine spritzer as a beer *** relaxed and professional stadium announcer Alt-Prinz Stefan leads through the day *** high-class finals with the happy ending for the “Keiler blau” against the Ravens *** Match for 13th place under floodlight finds no winner *** delicious kale meal of Steffens and Hillus cuisine *** Award ceremony and honoring the oldest player (Björn from the Odin Vikings) and the top scorers (Anne/Fitte third and Christoph/Parksünder) *** Old Prince Uwe and “COMMON DAY” make an hour of excellent handmade music *** final party with great music by DJ Tommy and with a lot of dancing until 3 o’clock in the morning *** the danish overnight guests make it pass the timer to the hockey gym ***

The Wesselbleker Princes thank all involved persons and guests for a successful anniversary tournament, the great (high percentage) gifts and a very relaxed evening with you all! Until next year …


  • Ravens (Kieler HTC)
  • Keiler (UHC)
  • The FlottPack (Hamburg – Großflottbek)
  • RHTC (Hamburg – Rahlstedt)
  • Alstersticks (Hamburg – Club an der Alster)
  • SGeMixed (Best of All)
  • Prinzen (UHC)
  • Odin Vikings (Odense/DK)
  • Schlossgeister (Ahrensburg)
  • Parksünder (Hamburg – Horn-Hamm)
  • Rasenmäher (UHC)
  • UHC Mixer (UHC)

  • Fitte Dritte (Kieler HTC)
  • Feldlerchen (UHC)
  • Red Stars (Club an der Alster)
  • Ballerinas (UHC)
Registration for the upcoming Autumn Cup 2019 (deadline is still pending) is welcome via the following contact form: